The Project Advisory Group (comprising 4 members) will advise on matters regarding the scientific embedding and policy relevance of the MIRACLE project. It will support the consortium in guaranteeing both scientific excellence and policy relevance and ensure that the MIRACLE Project incorporates the input of various stakeholders.  It thus forms an important part of the MIRACLE Project Dissemination Strategy.


The Project Advisory Group should include a wide range of expertise from different stakeholder organisations such as government, industry, research organisations, civil protection authorities, civil society, think tanks, agencies dealing with security matters, and co-ordinators of relevant  projects. Several potential members have been approached by the consortium and four of these have responded positively. The Steering Committee of MIRACLE has appointed the following persons to act as the Advisory Group for the project.


Prof. Lotta Andersson, SMHI, Sweden  ( With a background in catchment modeling with emphasis on the use of models as facilitators in stakeholder dialogues, she was the initiator of the MIRACLE project in 2013. She has recently completed a report on the Swedish strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and is working with municipalities in Sweden to implement the strategy.

Contact information: SMHI, SE 601 76 Norrköping, Sweden. Tel: +46 114958144.


MSc Eng. Małgorzata Marciniewicz-Mykieta, Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, Warsaw, Poland  ( She is responsible for Environmental monitoring and assessment of marine waters in Poland. She has been involved in work for HELCOM, e.g. was formerly involved in the Pollution Load Compilations.

Contact information: Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. Department of Monitoring and Environmental Information. 52/54 Wawelska Str., Warsaw  00-922, Poland. Tel. +48 825 47 30.


Dr Reinhold Stauss from the State Agency for Agriculture, Environment and rural Areas in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. He has been actively involved in environmental work with farmers, e.g. in the Baltic Compass project.

Contact information: State Agency for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas of the Federal State Schleswig-Holstein,  Hamburger Chaussee 25, 24220 Flintbek, Germany. Tel. +49 4347 704 111.


Mrs Maira Dzelzkalēja, Vice chairperson of the Latvian Farmers Parliament (ZSA, Zemnieku Saeima), a member organisation for farmers in Latvia.   The organisation also represents Latvian farmers interests on the European Union level.  Maira has a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and Master Degree in Economics from the University of Agriculture, Latvia. She is also an active farmer.

Contact information: Union “Farmers Parliament”/ Biedrība “Zemnieku saeima”, Republikas laukums 2, 916. kabinets, Rīga, LV -1010, Latvia. Tel: +37129483894.