WP 3 Socio-economic assessments

This WP has three objectives: i) to assess cost and benefits of selected governance features and policy instruments in the environmental mitigation and flood prevention scenarios, integrating the stakeholder valuations of related ecosystem services developed in WP5; ii) to identify the most socioeconomically efficient measures and governance features that will deliver integrated/multiple ecosystem service benefits. Those will be based on the most reliable value estimates across the Baltic Sea region; iii) to inform the formulation and assessment of innovative governance structures and policy instruments for an integrated approach to ecosystem service management to reduce eutrophication and flooding risks in the Baltic Sea region



3.1 Report on definition of system boundaries for costs and benefits estimates

3.2 Report on cost structures for nutrient mitigating, flood preventing and biodiversity promoting measures

3.3 Data base on costs and benefits to be used in visualization for workshops 3 and 4

3.4 Report on cost efficiency and cost-benefits of selected preventative scenarios

3.5 Report about cost-effectiveness of selected mitigation measures for the case areas

3.6 Concluding report on assessed cost-benefits of the proposed innovative governance measures across the Baltic Sea Region, and identification of knowledge gaps

3.7 Scientific report about cost benefit analysis for specific case scenarios


WP leader: Søren Marcus Pedersen