WP 4 Visualization for Integrated Analyses and Communication

Web-based visualization products and toolkits will be developed that are adapted for the stakeholder dialogues and social learning in the four case study areas and for the BSR up-scaling. Those visualization tools will be used to facilitate the social learning process in the case areas, the cross-case learning and in the BSR workshop. Thus they will help inform the formulation and assessment of innovative governance structures and policy instruments for an integrated approach to ecosystem service management to reduce eutrophication and flooding risks in the Baltic Sea region.



4.1 Toolkit description for use of visualization to facilitate social learning

4.2 Open-access web-based visualization prototype for integrated analyses/communication

4.3  Application for the 3rd stakeholder workshops – mitigation and climate

4.4  Application for the 4th stakeholder workshops – cross case study governance

4.5.Application for BSR stakeholder workshop and webpage

4.6 Toolkit for use of visualization to facilitate social learning

4.7 Report on methodological challenges for visualization supported dialogues.


WP leader: Tina Neset