WP 5 Social Learning

In each case study area – Berze (Latvia), Reda (Poland), Helgeå (Sweden), and Selke (Germany) – a forum will be created for social learning and dialogue between project researchers and stakeholders, enabling cross country learning and up-scaling to the BSR. Those will be used to develop and test a participative approach for the valuation of ecosystem services, building on collective action and priority settings among stakeholders with conflicting perspectives. This social learning process will be used to identify new configurations for governance (conceptual, institutional and practice based) based on innovative actions and plans that offer multiple ecosystem service benefits to the set of diverse stakeholders. It is envisioned that this innovative governance will acknowledge the need of an integrated approach to ecosystem service management to reduce eutrophication and flooding risks in the Baltic Sea region.



5.1 Report on “surfacing issues from the perspective of stakeholders and understanding measures to address those issues”

5.2  Report on “rethinking stakeholder boundaries”

5.3  Report on “reconciling multiple demands”

5.4 Report on “cross case study analysis”

5.5 Report on “Baltic Sea Region Learning”

5.6  Report on “Examining social learning as a governance innovation to reconcile multiple demands”


WP leader: Neil Powell