WP 7 Communication and dissemination

This WP is focused on both internal and external communication and dissemination. Outputs from the project will be disseminated to identified target groups, including the web-based visualizations.  A plan will be developed for internal integration/coordination of research activities, acknowledging the strong inter-linkages between WPs, and the need to harmonize activities in the four case study areas with regard to timing and content to enable cross-country analyses. As part of this, two PhD courses will be organized, primarily for BONUS Miracle and other PhD students in the Baltic Sea region, e.g. from other BONUS projects. Also, a final conference focusing on stakeholders (including researchers) in the BSR will be organized, potentially in cooperation with some of the other BONUS projects.



7.1 Internal and external communication plan

7.2  Plan for PhD training courses

7.3 Dissemination strategy and Web site launched

7.4 Report on outcome from PhD course on using the HYPE model

7.5 Web site presentation of case area flooding, eutrophication and biodiversity status and current government regimes

7.6 Web site presentations of modelled multi-purpose mitigation and climate change adaptation scenarios, as well as cost and benefits of mitigation

7.7 Web site presentations  of innovative governance scenarios

7.8 Report on “analysis of cross case similarities and differences in response to suggestions for innovative governance” by PhD students enrolled in the second PhD course

7.9 Report on outcome from PhD course on Innovative governance in the Baltic Sea Region

7.10 Final conference


WP leader: Andrzej Toderski